DigiTrak Falcon™ F1

Single Band Workhorse

Overcome Active Interference

Falcon F1 provides Falcon technology at an entry-level price. Sidestep interference rather than just increasing power. Complete the largest number of simple jobs possible in the shortest period of time.

Active Interference Analysis

Frequency Optimization (50 ft depth/65 ft data range)

Easy to Operate

Designed for both new and experienced users

  • Ball-in-the-Box™ guidance technology you already know
  • Get up and running fast
  • Quickly find optimum frequency
  • Get Support 24/7

Increase up-time and efficiency

Max Mode noise filtering

50 ft depth and 65 ft data range

Use with Falcon Compact Display or Aurora® touchscreen

Simple Narrowband Performance

There’s no alternative to Falcon performance. Our proven technology lets you quickly scan the jobsite, optimize the system for best performance, pair to a Falcon transmitter, and get the job done.

15” Transmitter (50 ft depth/65 ft data range)

Upgradable to Falcon F2