DigiTrak Falcon™ F2

Hundreds of Frequencies for Maximum Performance

Get the Job Done

Sidestep active interference to maintain productivity and complete jobs on time. Our frequency optimizer scans for interference between 4.5 and 45 kHz, then shows a graph of noise levels. Choose the two best bands for your jobsite. Maintain depth and data readings through interference sources including:

  • Traffic signal loops
  • Overhead power lines
  • Invisible dog fences

The Falcon F2 has you covered.

Active Interference Analysis

Frequency Optimization (100 ft depth/125 ft data range)

Easy to Operate

Easy operation for locating specialists at any level

  • Ball-in-the-Box™ guidance technology you already know
  • Up and running fast with easy toggle-based menu navigation
  • Quickly find optimum frequencies for today’s job site
  • Get Support 24/7

A powerful wideband system that addresses active interference

Easy Infrared Pairing

Single Wideband Transmitter

Max Mode Boosts Data Range and Stabilizes Depth Readings

Confidence in Tough Interference Conditions

Manage day-to-day differences in jobsite interference with hundreds of frequencies at your fingertips. Scan for interference, program the transmitter and get the bore done with increased up-time and productivity.

15” Transmitter (100 ft depth/125 ft data range)

Target Steering™ (Aurora Touchscreen Display)

12-Position Roll Clock and Roll Offset

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