Mincon HDD70 Pilot Hammer

The Mincon HDD70 pilot hammer is part of Mincon's comprehensive range of class-leading HDD systems. Thanks to Mincon's advanced design, these systems have a high-frequency cycle that results in smaller chips, resulting in easier hole flushing, less vibration, better steerability, and unmatched production in all hard-rock applications.

  • Pilot bit: 184mm (7.25”)
  • Thread type: 3.5” API Reg Pin
  • Rig Application: Up to 45,400kg – 68,000kg (100,000 – 150,000 lbs)
  • Available accessories: Remote Oiler / Foam Injection System
  • Hammer lubrication: Mincon RDO Envirosafe Rock Drill Oil
  • Recommended drilling fluids: Mincon Hole Control (Polymer) / Foam
  • Compatibility: DCI / Subsite / Wire-Line
  • Bit Type: Steering / Round
  • Bent Sub: 2 Degree
  • Minimum recommended air package under 76m (250′): 25.5 m3 / min @ 24.1 Bar (900 cfm @ 350 psi)
  • Minimum recommended air package over 76m (250′): 31.17 m3 / min @24.1 Bar AC (1,100 cfm @ 350 psi AC)

*After-cooled air. Mincon recommends using after-cooled air compressors when ambient temperatures exceed 7 degrees celsius (45 degrees Fahrenheit).

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