The Vermeer 404 Pro silage baler is designed for fast, efficient silage baling to save you time while preserving the quality of your crop.

Loaded with state-of-the-art features, the Vermeer 404 Pro silage baler is designed for fast, efficient silage baling to save you time while preserving the quality of your crop. The optional Xtracut17 chopper system increases bale density, accelerates fermentation, and improves silage quality and digestibility. Meanwhile, the exclusive hydroflexcontrol lets the floor shift up and down to accommodate uneven swaths, minimizing rotor blockage. Plus, it’s easy to maneuver and easy to maintain.



Make better use of horsepower thanks to the patented powersplit transmission, a unique shared-drive gearbox design.
Get a better grip on bales with the powergrip steel rollers, which help maximize compression and improve rotation under all kinds of operating conditions.
Protect finished bales using the Vermeer netwrap system, which is easy to load, easy to feed and simple to operate.
Monitor your progress with the Vermeer E-Link Pro display.


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  • Bale Diameter
    124.5 cm
  • Bale Width
    121.9 cm
  • Bale Weight
    1043.3 kg
  • Length (With Ramp)
    478.5 cm
  • Height
    260.1 cm
  • Width - Standard
    281.9 cm
  • Weight (Fully Optioned)
    3377.4 kg
  • Drawbar Weight
    558.8 kg
  • Type of Chamber
  • Number of Rollers
    18 total, 2 main drive and 16 driven rollers
  • Driveline
    80 Degree CV, 540 PTO
  • Roller Chain
    Single 60, 80, and 100 and double 60 and 80
  • Torque Protection - Main Input Shaft
    Cutout clutch
  • Torque Protection - Pick-up
    Radial pin clutch
  • Bearing and Sprocket Configuration
    Round shafts, greasable roller bearings
  • Horsepower Required
    52.2 kw
  • Horsepower Recommended
    74.6 kw
  • Width (Tooth to Tooth)
    185.4 cm
  • HYDROFLEX Control
    Combination of rubber spring and hydraulic opening pickup floor
  • Width (On Outside Flair)
    223.5 cm
  • Tooth Bars
    4 bars with center support and ball bearings
  • Number of Teeth
    60 steel coil spring design double tines
  • Stripper Band Diameter
    31.2 cm
  • Floatation
    Pneumatic gauge wheels - 16 x 6.50 - 8 - spring assist
  • Pickup Lift
    Hydraulic pickup lift standard
  • Bale Formation
    Fixed chamer baler
  • Monitor/Controller
    E-Link controller
  • Machine Adjustments
    Gauge wheel height and electronic density
  • Miscellaneous
    Automatic chain lube system, shaft driven and adjustable, spring loaded bale ramp
  • Safety Equipment
    SMV sign, tail lights
  • Tailgate Cylinders
    Standard hydraulic cylinders, single acting
  • Density System
    Electronically adjustable via E-Link controller
  • Tire Size - Standard
    14L - 16.1
  • Monitor
    E-Link Pro
  • Number of wraps per bale for Net Wrap
  • Manual Override
  • "Near Full" and "Full Bale" alarms
    Only "Full Bale"
  • Tailgate locked alarm/indicator
  • Monitor Mount
    Suction Cup Mount
  • Self-diagnostic monitor and sensors
  • Electronic Bale Density control
  • Dual Knife Bank Control
  • Feed Mechanism
    Steel and rubber feed rollers
  • Net Tension
    Adjustable disk brake
  • Net Width
    Capable of standard and over width netwrap; 48" and 51" (121.92 cm and 129.54 cm)
  • Net Storage
    One extra roll storage located in the Easy Load System
  • Knife Protection
    HydroFlex Control, hydraulic acumulator
  • Engage/Disengage
    Select in the E-Link control, hydraulic valve actuated
  • Safety Equipment
    Fire extinguisher, safety chain

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