Mincon MP180N180 Hammer

The Mincon MP180 hammer has been designed to provide excellent drilling performance in all types of conditions while reducing the energy cost to do so. The tool can be used in all types of drilling applications and excels in simultaneous casing drilling for standalone piles and interlocked-casing drilling for pipe-pile walls.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lower air consumption than competitor hammers, reducing overall operating costs and bringing savings throughout the serviceable life of the tool
  • High-frequency piston cycle operates above the ground’s nominal frequency, mitigating transmission of vibration to nearby structures
  • Valveless, high-frequency design ensures smooth operation
  • Hardened wear-sleeve for optimum wear resistance even in the most abrasive conditions
  • Multi-start threads on backhead and chuck ensure easy coupling/uncoupling of hammer
  • Unique internal mount system eliminates the need for wear shims and special assembly tools
  • All critical internal components are heat-treated under strict control to maximise tool longevity
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Parts list
Air consumption

Air Pressures are given for compressors operating at seal level at 20° C (68º F). Corrections to actual compressor volume should be made to account for temperature, altitude and relative humidity.


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